Posted by: Your Personal Garden Coach Lynda | May 20, 2011

While digging away…

As I am working in the various gardens, I keep thinking of tips I should share.  Like this new tool I picked up at Meijer.  I love it!  Best tool ever!  Big Grip Multi-Purpose Planting Tool made by Fiskars. “Four tools in one. Slices through sod, digs out dandelions, carves through bags of soil, transports and transplants. The big grip is sturdy and comfortable, giving you rapier-like control. The heat-treated blade is sturdy enough to withstand a beating.”  Although, somehow Pat broke the first one I bought.  Fortunately, this mighty tool is less than $9 and I found it at Meijer.

Better hurry over to Home Depot and buy some Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed Continuous Release Bloom Booster Flower.  It’s the best with a 10-16-10 fertilizing ratio and it lasts for three months!  Hard to find later in the summer so buy two!

Iris is showing signs of the dang iris borer.  😦           Need to apply a systemic insecticide asap, before the stupid larvae grow any bigger.  Nasty critter. They bite humans too!

So, what’s happening in your garden?


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