Posted by: Your Personal Garden Coach Lynda | July 9, 2011


Noticed my hydrangea is being chewed.  Time to reapply an insecticide/fertilizer.  Japanese beetles will be on the prowl.  Remember to NOT use the traps that are sold everywhere.  They only bring more beetles to your yard and do more damage.

If you can handle knocking the beetles off your plants,  let them drop into a bucket that has about an inch or two of water and a squirt of dishwashing detergent in it.  The beetles will drop downward and drown in the soapy water.  I have done this in the early evening after getting home from work.  Nowadays I am too tired and prefer to let the systemic insecticides do their thing.  Drives me crazy to see the beetles on my yellow knockout roses.  They seem to like them better than the red.  (Another reason why I always recommend the red knockouts.)

Some holes are good.  The open spaces between the plants is important for air circulation and growth.  Remember when planting to think of the mature size and space out the plants so when they have reached maturity the edges touch each other.   Mulch in-between the plants to keep down weeds.  In the years to come the full size plants will shade out new weeds.

We’ve been tweaking the gardens, moving plants and adjusting.  Tips for you – water the plants before you move them, the roots are happier.   When you dig the hole for the new location, fill it with water before you put the plant in it.  Let it drain, plant, water again and mulch.  Even with the heat, if you keep the plant hydrated, you can successfully transplant anytime.


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