Posted by: Your Personal Garden Coach Lynda | March 21, 2012


Wow, the winter was mild alright.  So far, I have seen the herb, rosemary, still very much alive and growing.  A butterfly bush – over 4 feet tall.  Nikko Blue hydrangeas budding strong and Endless summer hydrangeas that have not died to the ground!  But more importantly, start watering!

The small amount of snow we received this winter was clearly not enough.  Most of those plants normally die to the ground or as in the case of the herb, dies completely.

The lack of rain and now the heat, means our gardens are going to be stressed out soon!  All the growth you see now, comes from the root system of stored energy.  Its being depleted fast.  Do your garden a favor – fertilize and water.

I know I usually say, ‘Remember to fertilize in April or you’re a fool’.  I don’t think we should wait til April.  Water today at the very least.  The weekend weather is still only 50% and that is what it has been off and on the last week.

And if you haven’t pruned those roses – at least cut them back by half ASAP!


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