Posted by: Your Personal Garden Coach Lynda | August 13, 2012

Finally…a nice soaking rain

What a crazy summer this has been.  I have been discouraging any plantings until now.  The heat and lack of water was a sure recipe for failure unless you had a good sprinkling system.  I spent several days this summer correcting the sprays on those systems.  Most are set up for the lawn.  I do not encourage watering the lawn.  It is more costly to replace trees and shrubs, especially old and established ones.  The triple whammy of not enough water from last winter, spring and this summer have made many trees and shrubs stressed and begging for water.

Todays’ steady drizzle was fabulous.  Before the kids head back to school, walk through your garden and see what needs tweaking.  Now is a good time to replace or add.  Once school starts again, you will be able to get outside and water when needed.  Remember, plants need six weeks to get their roots established. 

While you are walking around, keep your pruners in hand.  Deadheading is a great way to clean things up and many perennials and roses will still rebloom before winter hits.  Labor day is fast approaching, last chance to fertilize those roses!

Time to also start thinking about the plants that you will be moving back into the house.  Do they need to be repotted?  Were they located in the garden and possibly have bugs in them?  You might want to consider a systemic that will help get rid of the extra unwanted guests. 

Bulb planting is around the corner.  Start thinking where you want that little sping sparkle tht gets you smiling each





  1. Thanks Linda – always enjoy to read your tips and/or reminders!!!

    Beth O’B


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