Posted by: Your Personal Garden Coach Lynda | March 14, 2014

It is coming!

Wow, who would have believed winter holding on so tightly.  The robins are here telling us, not to lose hope.

The tulips are pushing up.  The Helleborus – our Lenten roses – are showing their flowers.  The snow is melting and the sun is shining.  Green is the color of hope.  I see green, do you?Shamrocks

green beer

In the past I have said, on St. Patrick’s day, grab your green beer and pruners and go outside!  Its time to prune.”        I came up with this idea because there is a lot of pruning that should be done at the end of winter.  I used to sell roses at the retail nurseries.  I would give seminars and talk about the proper way to prune them and recommend to do the pruning when forsythia was in bloom.  That beautiful yellow shrub is not as well-known as I thought.  I decided an easier way to remember when to prune the roses was the green beer trick.  It worked.  Many customers would laughingly tell me, they would remember my suggestion and go prune.

Of course, the snow may prevent you getting all the way down to 5-6 inches, but snow or not it is still a good time to get out there and get some work done.  Use your bypass pruners.

45 degree angled cuts please

45 degree angled cuts please

Don't be afraid to cut them back.

Don’t be afraid to cut them back


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